Social Events & Activities

The Mornington Peninsula Camera Club organise numerous social outings throughout the year. They are an ideal way to create new friendships with fellow photographers and to gain an enormous amount of help if needed.

Social events are held once a month. You are not obliged to attend the social outings, however, it is a great way to learn, really get to know other members and of course to have fun doing what we all love photography. We try to get away for two long week-ends a year as well as the occasional week-end.

Some outings that we have done:

  • Week-ends away to Geelong
  • Week-ends away to Beechworth
  • Week-end away to Ararat
  • Trip to Tasmania
  • Trip to New Zealand

Also there have been countless outings, such as the Zoo, both Melbourne and Werribee; Monstelvat; Melbourne Gaol; Speedways, just to mention a few.